PIcArbs pilot commencing soon

12 leading legal firms who represent injured claimants are entering a pilot to arbitrate their claims against Axa Insurance through a joint #PIcArbs #Cyde & Co initiative.

Don’t litigate, arbitrate.



E-filing, So the Commercial Court now has e-filing. But not the Queen’s Bench Division. Personal injury issuing fees pay for the system but HMcTS will not provide e-filing for PI cases. #PIcArbs, provide e-filing and e-service. Don’t litigate, arbitrate.

PIcARBS presented to Irwin Mitchell solicitors

PIcARBS are delighted to confirm that we presented to Irwin Mitchell Solicitors yesterday on the benefits of arbitration for resolution of personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

In a 1 and a half hour interactive session we discussed the proposal to arbitrate and the costs penalties for refusing to arbitrate in stead of litigating, the standard for arbitration agreement, the Rules and the costs saving over civil litigation.  Arbitrate and co-operate,  many thanks Irwins.