PIcARBS and Costs ADR are working together

PIcARBS and Costs ADR (CADR) are working together to produce a seamless system to resolve clinical negligence and personal injury cases from start to end without using the civil courts.

PIcARBS is already running and open for business. Arbitration is not mediation.  It is civil litigation without using the courts and it is binding. The claim is arbitrated on liability and quantum through the PIcARBS efiling system using experienced PI and clinical negligence silks as arbitrators.

CADR is already running and also open for business. Then when the case settles or an award is made by the arbitrator the costs are arbitrated through CADR arbitrators.  See costs-adr.com.  The joint project is to set up within CADR a panel of PI and clinical negligence arbitrators to resolve costs in such cases in 6 month from the costs award or agreement.

This should save the NHSLA and the MIB and insurers large sums in costs and should produce quicker payment of damages and costs to claimants and their lawyers.  ARQC

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